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The Eternal Bride and the Temporal Tower: On the Proper Aim of Academic Study and Writing

As the title of this post indicates, I have two institutions in mind: the bride of Christ, which is the Church, and the ivory tower, or the academy. I hope the two adjectives, eternal and temporal, communicate that I don’t … Continue reading

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On Syncretism

Syncretism has been one of the most enduring and devastating threats to the faithfulness of God’s people. At almost every stage of biblical history, God’s people have given in to the pressures of the surrounding cultures. Those figures who resisted … Continue reading

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The Real Spiritual Presence of Christ at the Table (A Dialogue with John Davis’ Worship and the Reality of God: An Evangelical Theology of Real Presence)

What is real? Davis begins his book with three possible answers to that fundamental question: scientific naturalism (modernity), digital virtualism (postmodernity), and trinitarian supernaturalism (eternity). “In the first, there is one ultimate reality (matter-energy); in the second, there are many … Continue reading

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are you making plans?

One of Wheaton’s own doctoral students gave an outstanding message in Grad Chapel yesterday. Susan spoke on James 4:13–17, a relevant text for all of us who spend a good deal of time thinking about and planning for the future. … Continue reading

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Still Changing Lives: A Tribute to a Wheaton Graduate, Dr. Howard Hendricks

It was one of those books that had you at “hello.” The first line of the preface read, “With the kind of start I had in life, I’m sure I could have soon died and gone to hell and nobody … Continue reading

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The Waiting Place

Are you in The Waiting Place? Waiting for healing Waiting for test results Waiting for a tax refund Waiting for clear direction Waiting for interest rates to go up Waiting for the phone to ring with a job offer Waiting … Continue reading

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Roe at 40: Wheaton Reflections

In a 1998 article, Wheaton’s current president, Philip Ryken, cites these words from Thomas Boston (d. 1732): Our generation-work … is the work we have to do for God and the generation in which we live, that we may be useful not … Continue reading

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