Pursuing a PhD

The following links may be of interest to those wishing to pursue a PhD in theology or biblical studies. Please feel free to suggest additional links.

1. Daniel J. Treier, PhD Preparation

2. Marc Cortez, Looking for Good Doctoral Students (including: 5 Reasons to do a PhD in Theology or Bible at Wheaton)

3. Larry Hurtado, PhD Studies in the UK (and Edinburgh in particular)

4. Nijay Gupta, Interested in a NT PhD?

5. John Stackhouse, Thinking about a PhD?

6. Tom Finley, Working on a Doctorate: My Personal Story (w/ an emphasis on OT Studies)

7. Allen Yeh, Advice for applying to grad school in Theology

8. J. Matthew Barnes, Considering a PhD in Theology?

9. Oliver Davies, How to write a successful PhD in Theology

10. Eric Ortlund, Things I Wish I Could Say to Evangelical Students Beginning Their Doctorates

11. Peter Enns, Some Unasked for Advice on Whether an Evangelical Should Get a PhD in Biblical Studies: Post 1; Post 2; Post 3

See also: Wheaton PhD in Biblical & Theological Studies

4 Responses to Pursuing a PhD

  1. Thanks for including my post in this list! I hope some people find it to be helpful!

  2. Ocean Weng says:

    Thank you very much. I am a seminary Ph.D prospective student.

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  4. Josh says:

    Thanks for this helpful collection of links! I’m growing more and more interested in Wheaton’s PhD program.

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