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I studied systematic theology at Wheaton College Graduate School, studying under Daniel Treier and writing my dissertation on ecclesiological models in Africa. I grew up in East Africa, and am happy to have returned at long last!

Review of “Apologetics Beyond Reason”

Moving away from rationally-based arguments to a more experiential (indeed, partly autobiographical) argument for God, James W. Sire’s latest book, Apologetics Beyond Reason: Why Seeing Really Is Believing (IVP, 2014) argues that “There is everything. Therefore there is a God. Either … Continue reading

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Review of Clarke, “Pentecostal Theology in Africa”

It is widely acknowledged that Pentecostal and charismatic influences are a powerful force in African Christianity. The late Ogbu Kalu accomplished much in describing Pentecostal origins and history on the continent. In Pentecostal Theology in Africa, editor Clifton Clarke aims … Continue reading

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Review of “T&T Clark Handbook to Social Identity in the New Testament”

Often when a scholar enters a new field of study, she locates a handbook or dictionary on that topic, and uses that resource to find her bearings and identify broad trends within her chosen topic. As a systematic theologian, I … Continue reading

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Review of “The Lost World of Scripture: Ancient Literary Culture and Biblical Authority”

There are all sorts of good books: ones that are thought-provoking, ones with polished writing that flows smoothly, and ones that are enjoyable too. Then there are books that go further: they include all these aspects, as well as being … Continue reading

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Review Longman’s “The Baker Illustrated Bible Dictionary”

Probably most readers of this blog already have a large number of books (myself included). I have inherited books from relatives and friends who are pastors and scholars, and I am currently deciding what to keep and what to give … Continue reading

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Review “Effective Bible Teaching,” James C. Wilhoit & Leland Ryken

  This book was highly recommended by the renowned teacher Howard G. Hendricks. I thought about stopping there, but of course I won’t. Originally published in 1988, a second edition of Wilhoit and Ryken’s Effective Bible Teaching makes minor changes … Continue reading

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Review of Gregg Okesson’s “Re-Imaging Modernity”

If you are looking for an excellent example of contextual theology, you ought to be reading Gregg Okesson’s Re-Imaging Modernity: A Contextualized Theological Study of Power and Humanity within Akamba Christianity in Kenya (Pickwick, 2012). He examines how three different … Continue reading

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