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St Andrews Fellows in Science & Theology

From their website: The St Andrews Fellows in Science & Theology is a multi-million-dollar project generously funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Its goal is to build on the past generation of work at the intersection of theology, religion, and … Continue reading

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Carl Trueman Weighs in on the Historical Adam

Carl Trueman, professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia), has an excellent post on the importance of the question of Adam. Trueman’s main thrust is not to defend the traditional view, but to insist on the centrality of … Continue reading

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Theses on “Science” and “Faith”

At some point I hope to post a lengthier discussion of “science” and “faith,” especially as it relates to inerrancy, but for now I will content myself with proposing several theses that I hope will spark some conversation. I should … Continue reading

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Catholic Theology (Part 3); Are Science and Scripture Compatible?

Part 1; Part 1b; Part 2 I’m blogging from the campus of Notre Dame, where I am taking a course in Christian Doctrine from Dr. John Cavadini. Each post in this series will examine a particular area of Catholic theology in hopes of understanding … Continue reading

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Wheaton Conference (March 26-27), on Science and Theology

For those interested, Wheaton’s Science Department is hosting a conference March 28–29 in the Coray Alumni Gym, entitled Evolutionary Theory: Implications for Science & Christian Belief. The conference is free, and includes nine speakers from a variety of disciplines dealing with Molecular … Continue reading

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Thinking Through the Theological Problems with Theistic Evolution

I have been hoping to post some of my own thoughts on recent questions of science and faith, but time escapes me. The question of the historical Adam and Eve has become a major issue just in the last decade … Continue reading

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