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Review of Clarke, “Pentecostal Theology in Africa”

It is widely acknowledged that Pentecostal and charismatic influences are a powerful force in African Christianity. The late Ogbu Kalu accomplished much in describing Pentecostal origins and history on the continent. In Pentecostal Theology in Africa, editor Clifton Clarke aims … Continue reading

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Published NT Dissertation Released

Another published Wheaton dissertation is hot off the press. Chee-Chiew Lee earned her PhD in NT under Dr. Douglas Moo in 2011, becoming the first woman to have completed the program. Dr. Moo hails her dissertation as an exegetically sensitive … Continue reading

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Review of Gregg Okesson’s “Re-Imaging Modernity”

If you are looking for an excellent example of contextual theology, you ought to be reading Gregg Okesson’s Re-Imaging Modernity: A Contextualized Theological Study of Power and Humanity within Akamba Christianity in Kenya (Pickwick, 2012). He examines how three different … Continue reading

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Wheaton Theology Conference: Mark Noll on “The Peril and Potential of Scripture in Christian Political Witness”

A beloved former professor at Wheaton College and now Professor of History at Notre Dame, Mark Noll addressed a good-sized crowd. Noll is perhaps best known for his book The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (Eerdmans, 1994), but his personal bibliography spans … Continue reading

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From the Theology Conference: Rev. David Gitari, “In the World but not of the World”

Wheaton’s 22nd annual theology conference is in full swing here, and last night we heard from the retired Anglican Archbishop of Kenya, Rev. David Gitari, whose talk was entitled “John 17: In the World but not of the World.” Rev. … Continue reading

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Review: Sung Kyu Park’s “Christian Spirituality in Africa: Biblical, Historical, and Cultural Perspectives from Kenya”

Context is vital. In the spirit of rich, sustained focus on contextuality, this review and my next both focus on Christianity in the East African context, specifically Kenya, one book focused on the Kikuyu group (this) and one on the … Continue reading

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