St Andrews Fellows in Science & Theology

From their website:

The St Andrews Fellows in Science & Theology is a multi-million-dollar project generously funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Its goal is to build on the past generation of work at the intersection of theology, religion, and the human and natural sciences by fostering a network of young scholars to create a new generation of research. The vision for this new generation aspires to innovate by:

  • Creating space for empirical study within departments of theology/religion, where science and religion are sometimes viewed as a sideline. This includes seeking to publish in mainstream theology journals, where work at the intersection of theology and science may so far be overlooked, as well as expanding the course catalogs of theology degree programs to include the topic.
  • Moving beyond the methodological questions that have sometimes delayed or even hindered genuine interdisciplinary work. Sometimes these worries have come from scientists, supposing cooperation with religious studies violates the norms of rationality; other times it has come from religious believers, supposing empirical science threatens orthodoxy or the Bible. Rather than focusing on methodological questions, we are interested in research that brings these disciplines together in productive and creative ways. To be credible, theology cannot ignore the products of empirical enquiry.

For more information about the Fellowship and how to apply, visit

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