Congratulations to James Gordon!

James GordonCongratulations to James Gordon for successfully defending his dissertation on December 12th. His dissertation, “The Holy One in Our Midst: A Dogmatic Defense of the Extra Calvinisticum” provides a cumulative case argument for the extra Calvinisticum. After examining the objections to the extra in Isaak Dorner, Karl Barth, Bruce McCormack, and Darren Sumner, James uses the tools of analytic theology to defuse five objections to the extra: the Nestorian Objection, the Worship Objection, the Incomplete Incarnation Objection, the Humiliation Objection, and the Speculation Objection. He then provides philosophical and theological arguments in favor of the extra, as well as a biblical-theological argument focused on the Temple of God. Finally, James argues for the proper dogmatic use of the extra and why one ought to embrace it.

James was guided in his work by his advisor, Kevin Vanhoozer. His second reader was Daniel Treier and his external reader was Oliver Crisp.

James earned his MA in Philosophy of Religion from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He currently teaches philosophy at Trinity International University and is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Wheaton College.

Congratulations James!

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