Congratulations to Matthew Patton!

patton-2On September 13th of this fall, Matthew Patton successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Hope for a Tender Sprig: Jehoiachin in Biblical Theology.” His supervisor was Daniel Block, his second reader was Richard Schultz, and his external reader was Mark Boda. Matthew’s dissertation traces Jehoiachin through the Old and New Testaments, examining the canonical witness to this important character, and argues that this figure embodied the hopes and failures of the Davidic monarchy. Matthew concludes that Jehoiachin is “a type of Jesus, the son of David whose sufferings are the necessary means to glory.”

Matthew adds his PhD in Biblical Studies to an M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary and a B.S. in Computer Science from Lafayette College. He and his wife, Trina, have five children and may be found gardening, playing wiffle ball, or reading books together. In the future, Matthew hopes to teach at a seminary, a college, or serve as a pastor, wherever God might lead.

Congratulations Matthew!  It’s been a privilege to study alongside you here at Wheaton!



About Susan Rieske

My dissertation focuses on the concept of "generation" in the book of Matthew. Before pursuing a doctorate, I spent several years in ministry serving on staff with Cru, in various leadership roles in the local church, teaching as an adjunct professor at Moody Theological Seminary, Michigan, and as a writer and speaker with Shepherd Project Ministries.
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One Response to Congratulations to Matthew Patton!

  1. Hank Voss says:

    Another reason to celebrate during this Christmas season! Congrats Dr. Patton.

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