Announcing the Festschrift for Dr. Daniel Block

Dr. Daniel Block

Dr. Daniel Block

At this very moment, a world class cadre of scholars are gathered in the Baltimore Convention Center (rooms 337–338) for a session entitled “Deuteronomy as Good News: A Conversation with Daniel I. Block.” The event was billed as a response to Dr. Block’s work on Deuteronomy following the publication of his NIV Application Commentary and two spin-off volumes of essays on the book. It is that, but it’s also the unveiling of a surprise Festschrift in his honor.

If you’re in Baltimore for the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society, theBlock FS cover Institute for Biblical Research, or the Society of Biblical Literature, you’ll want to head over to the Eisenbrauns booth to pick up a copy. If you’re not in Baltimore, you can order a copy here. In commemoration of his 70th birthday earlier this year, Dr. Block’s friends, colleagues, and former doctoral students have each contributed essays relating to the message of Deuteronomy.

For Our Good Always: Studies on the Message and Influence of Deuteronomy in Honor of Daniel I. Block is a treasure-trove of reflections on the biblical book that has become Dr. Block’s favorite. The entire work is edited by three of his former doctoral students, a labor of love for their mentor (Jason DeRouchie, Jason Gile, and Kenneth Turner).

Part 1 is dedicated to the message of Deuteronomy, with essays by Alan Millard, Richard Hess, Harry Hoffner, Peter Vogt, Gordon Wenham, Gordon McConville, Jason DeRouchie, Jerry Hwang, Rebekah Josberger, and Kenneth Turner.

Part 2 explores the influence of Deuteronomy, with contributions by Michael Grisanti (Deuteronomistic History), Hugh Williamson (Isaiah), Michael Graves (Jeremiah), Jason Gile (Ezekiel), Christopher Ansberry (Job), Richard Schultz (Ecclesiastes), Gary Smith (Ezra and Nehemiah), Grant Osborne (Luke), and Douglas Moo (Paul).

A 3rd part treats the lasting significance of Deuteronomy, with chapters by Jason DeRouchie, Daniel Carroll, Elmer Martens, Daniel Akin, Myrto Theocharous, and Thomas McClendon.

Peter Gentry contributes a forward to the book, and Charlie Trimm provides an overview of Dr. Block’s life and an exhaustive bibliography of all of his writings. His wife, Ellen, and his children, Jason and Jonelle, offer reflections on life at home with this scholar who has touched the lives of so many.

Congratulations, Dr. Block! It’s an honor to be your student and to share this occasion with you. Surprise!!! (Now I can go add the publication info to the essays I’ve already cited surreptitiously in my dissertation…hoping you wouldn’t ask me for details. :))


About Carmen Imes

I entered Wheaton's doctoral program in 2011 with an Old Testament concentration under Dr. Daniel Block. I have an MA in Biblical Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Charlotte campus), and a BA from Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon. My husband, Danny, and I are missionaries with SIM and we have 3 great kids: Eliana, Emma, and Easton. You can find my personal blog at I'm passionate about the Word of God, both written and incarnate, and I long to see our generation transformed so that we can truly know God and reflect Him to the world.
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