Williams, McGrath, Guite, and Bauckham on C. S. Lewis

The online version of Theology was posted today and their Nov/Dec focus is on C. S. Lewis and includes some great authors. Short essays include:00_F1.medium

Rowan Williams, An intellectual presence? Alister McGrath on C. S. Lewis

This article reviews Alister E. McGrath’s The Intellectual World of C. S. Lewis.

Alister McGrath, An enhanced vision of rationality: C. S. Lewis on the reasonableness of Christian Faith

This study is a critical reflection on C. S. Lewis’s rich apologetic method, especially in Mere Christianity, which is shown to mingle an explicit appeal to reason and an implicit appeal to the imagination. The implications of this for how the churches might engage modern and postmodern cultures are considered.

Malcom Guite, C.S. Lewis: Apologetics and the poetic imagination

This article argues that for Lewis the interplay between Reason and Imagination is crucial. His own conversion to Christianity involved a profound reconciliation of these two faculties which he had previously experienced in tension and opposition. Consequently the imaginative element in his subsequent writing, literary and apologetic as well as his fiction, is an essential part of the message itself, of the truth he is trying to articulate. It places Lewis in a Coleridgean tradition and suggests that his approach is, if anything, more relevant now, and generative of new and helpful approaches to apologetics, than it was when he pioneered it.

Richard Bauckham, Are we still missing the elephant? C. S. Lewis’s ‘Fernseed and Elephants’ half a century on

In his essay ‘Fernseed and Elephants’ C. S. Lewis was highly critical of the New Testament scholarship of the time (1959), especially scholarly scepticism about the historicity of the Gospels. This essay assesses his arguments, relating them to the changed situation in Gospels scholarship in the early twenty-first century. His critique of highly speculative historical reconstruction has stood the test of time better than his arguments about literary criticism and the Gospels.

Go here for access to the essays.


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