Congratulations to Hank Voss!

Voss 2012 Christmas Picture

Congratulations belongs to another Wheaton student for a successful dissertation defense. On May 1st, Hank Voss defended his dissertation, “The Priesthood of All Believers and the Missio Dei: A Canonical, Catholic and Contextual Perspective.” Hank’s dissertation connects the biblical-theological concept of the priesthood of the believer with contemporary ecclesiology. He analyzes the theme of the priesthood of the believer in its biblical context, traces its development through church history, and then explores its connection to the missio Dei and its specific relevance for the mission and praxis of the contemporary church. Hank was guided in his dissertation work by his supervisor, Dr. Daniel Treier. Dr. Jeffrey Greenman served as the second reader and Dr. Darrell Guder as the external reader.    

Hank’s dissertation work reflected his deep passion for mission flowing from several years of ministry before coming to Wheaton. His doctoral work here was done on a study assignment for World Impact, with which he serves as Senior National Staff of The Urban Ministry Institute, an institute he has been with since 2001. Hank and his wife, Johanna, walked this road together as students, as Johanna, a Billy Graham scholar, earned her master’s degree here at Wheaton in counseling. They have four children: Samuel, David, Renee and Isaiah. This summer, they will be returning to Los Angeles where Hank will resume his work with The Urban Ministry Institute.

 Congrats, Hank! We are blessed to have had our lives intersect with yours here at Wheaton!


About Susan Rieske

My dissertation focuses on the concept of "generation" in the book of Matthew. Before pursuing a doctorate, I spent several years in ministry serving on staff with Cru, in various leadership roles in the local church, teaching as an adjunct professor at Moody Theological Seminary, Michigan, and as a writer and speaker with Shepherd Project Ministries.
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    Where can I get a PDF or other electronic copy of this? Thanks, Rob

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