Congratulations to “Dr.” Ben Ribbens!

Ben and Sarah
Among the many students with whom we celebrated a successful dissertation defense this spring was our colleague and friend, Ben Ribbens. On May 3rd, Ben defended his dissertation, “Levitical Sacrifice and Heavenly Cult in Hebrews.” His work examines the Levitical sacrifices in the book of Hebrews and their relationship to Christ’s sacrifice. While most scholars argue that the book of Hebrews presents a view of the Levitical sacrifices in which they have little, if any, efficacy, Ben argues for a more positive depiction of these sacrifices. He views them as “sacramental, Christological types” which have efficacy by virtue of their connection to Christ’s own sacrifice. Ben was guided in his dissertation work by his mentor, Dr. Douglas Moo. His second reader was Dr. C. Hassell Bullock and his external reader was Dr. Eric. F. Mason.

Ben dedicated his dissertation to the most important person in his journey towards this achievement, his late wife Sarah, who died unexpectedly one year ago today due to complications from a miscarriage. Ben’s success in this endeavor is not only a tribute to Sarah but also a testimony to God’s ever-present grace in our lives. As Ben wrote in the acknowledgements of his dissertation, “I could not have lived as rich a life or achieved the completion of this project without her.” As Sarah was an inspiration to Ben, Ben’s own faithfulness to God and perseverance in his calling as he walked through that tragedy was an inspiration to all of us.

Ben has recently accepted a teaching position at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois, as Assistant Professor of Theology where he will begin teaching in the fall of this year. He will also soon be ordained as a minister in the Christian Reformed Church.

Congrats, Ben! It has been an honor and privilege to study alongside you here at Wheaton.


About Susan Rieske

My dissertation focuses on the concept of "generation" in the book of Matthew. Before pursuing a doctorate, I spent several years in ministry serving on staff with Cru, in various leadership roles in the local church, teaching as an adjunct professor at Moody Theological Seminary, Michigan, and as a writer and speaker with Shepherd Project Ministries.
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4 Responses to Congratulations to “Dr.” Ben Ribbens!

  1. Jeremy Treat says:

    Congrats Ben! Wish I could’ve been there to see it.

  2. chappymartin says:

    Why is Dr. in quotation marks?

    • Peter Green says:

      We post these notices after the PhD Candidates have successfully defended their dissertation. However, often they will still have a few required or recommended revisions from the defense committee, and they will have to have their dissertation sent to the technical reader, and submitted to the library to to be bound. So there are a few loose ends that need to be tied up after a successful defense, but the assumption is that barring extraordinary circumstances, they will finish these few bureaucratic steps and receive their diploma.

  3. Guitho NICOLAS says:

    Congratulations to “Dr.” Ben Ribbens. May God bless you!

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