Conference Announcement: 2013 Logos Workshop in Philosophical Theology

Registration ends soon for the 5th annual Logos Workshop in Philosophical Theology, sponsored by the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame. If you reside in the midwest and are interested in the intersection between philosophy and theology, attending this conference is a must.

One of the great things about the Logos Workshops is that papers are distributed before the event to those registered in order best to make use of conference time. As a result, the discussion at the Workshops is always profitable.

This year’s topic is theological realism:

“Theological realism is a hot topic nowadays, and is interestingly related to issues about religious pluralism. These debates bear obvious connections to debates about realism and anti-realism in science, as well as to issues in metaphysics and the philosophy of language about ontological commitment and related topics, and with the theological literature on the nature of doctrine. These are the sorts of issues that will be in focus at this workshop.”

The following papers are will be distributed to those who register:

  • Trent Dougherty (Baylor University): “Apophatic Antirealism”
  • Christopher Insole (Durham University): “Philosophical Theology Without Italics: why the Realism/Anti-Realism Distinction does (and does not) matter.”
  • William Wood (University of Oxford): “Analytic Theology and the Academic Study of Religion”
  • Kevin Hector (University of Chicago): “The Theological Dimension of Theological Realism”
  • Laura W. Ekstrom (College of William and Mary): “Religion On the Cheap”
  • Victoria Harrison (University of Glasgow): “Mapping the Theological and the Mathematical Domains”
  • David Brown (University of St. Andrews): “Metaphysical Realism and ‘Subjective’ Experience of God”
  • Christina Van Dyke (Calvin College): “You Can’t Handle the Truth: Realism and the Beatific Vision”
  • John Keller (Niagara University): “Theological Anti-Realisms”
  • Andrew Moore (University of Oxford): “Doctrine, Truth and Realism in the Church Fathers and Today”
  • Caleb Cohoe (Metropolitan State University of Denver): “Theological Realism and the Pessimistic Induction”

Registration (which ends May 1) for the conference is required, but it only costs $10. For more information on the conference or to register click here.


About James R. Gordon

I did my PhD at Wheaton College in Systematic Theology, and I currently teach in the Philosophy Department at Wheaton College.
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