Wheaton Welcomes Marc Cortez!

Wheaton College announced that Marc Cortez (PhD. St. Andrews) will be joining the graduate faculty in theology this fall (here is his own announcement). Dr. Cortez hails from the Pacific Northwest, where he currently serves as professor and academic dean at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. His well-named blog, Everyday Theology, provides both timely and accessible discussions on theological topics, in addition to one-smile-a-day humor.

Marc Cortez

 Dr. Cortez will serve the graduate school MA programs as well as advise PhD students in theology (2014 applicants take note!).

When Dr. Cortez visited last December, he shared his passion for helping students in their independent research. Among other tasks, he currently oversees the ThM program at Western Seminary.

I had the privilege of reading through his published dissertation recently, Embodied Souls, Ensouled Bodies (T&T Clark, 2008). I was struck by the integrative boldness of his thesis. He combines discussion of Christological anthropology from Karl Barth with contemporary debates about the relationship between the mind and the body. Dogmatic theology and “theology and science” are often considered polar opposites: the one is churchly reflection using biblical language or biblical imagery to describe theological truth, while the other engages with questions from the natural sciences. Before reading this, I wanted to ask, “What hath Christology to do with Physicalism?” Well, quite a good deal, as I found out.

We look forward to welcoming Dr. Cortez this fall. Although Dr. Cortez is leaving the comfort of the temperate Northwest and submitting himself to midwest winters in Wheaton (windchill -5 this morning), he can take solace that at least he will see the sun more often. Portland averages three clear days a month during the winter, as opposed to six in Chicagoland.

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