Wheaton Students at ETS

I’m in my hotel (Residence Inn a few blocks from the convention center) on Tuesday night and am excited about the Evangelical Theological Society’s national conference. There are some really interesting sessions featuring Kevin Vanhoozer, Chris Wright, N. T. Wright, Wheaton’s Daniel Block, Vern Poythress, Greg Beale, and others. There are several sessions on inerrancy, science and creation, and Biblical theology proposals as well.

In addition, Wheaton’s own PhD program is well represented and below is a list of papers being presented by current students and recent grads. It is an unofficial list and I may have missed a few of the alumni’s papers.

Wednesday, November 14

Susan M. Rieske – (Wheaton College)
Yahweh the Sadist? An Examination of God’s “Delight” in Destroying Israel in Deuteronomy 28:63
11:00 AM—11:40 AM

A. Rahel Schafer – (Andrews University/Wheaton College)
God Created Gaia: An Evangelical Response to Ecofeminism
11:00 AM—11:40 AM

Michael Kibbe – (Wheaton College)
Priesthood and the Sequence of Atonement: A Biblical-Theological Analysis of David Moffitt’s Atonement and the Logic of the Resurrection in the Epistle to the Hebrews
3:00 PM—3:40 PM

James R. Gordon – (Wheaton College Graduate School)
Is It Possible and Desirable for Theologians to Speculate After Barth?
3:00 PM—3:40 PM

Thursday, November 15

Chris Ansberry – (Wheaton College)
The Unique Theological Contributions of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job
3:30 PM—3:55 PM

Matthew H. Patton – (Wheaton College Graduate School)
A Crown in the Dust: Literary Patterning and Jehoiachin’s Rehabilitation in 2 Kings 25:27–30
3:00 PM—3:40 PM

Jordan P. Barrett – (Wheaton College)
Biblical Judgments and Theological Concepts: Toward a Defense of Imputed Righteousness
3:00 PM—3:40 PM

Friday, November 16

Matthew Newkirk – (Wheaton College)
Succession by Deception? A Reconsideration of the Role of Deception in Solomon’s Ascent to the Throne
1:40 PM—2:20 PM

Peter A. Green – (Wheaton College)
Noah’s Vineyard: Its Narrative Significance and New Creation Trajectory
2:30 PM—3:10 PM


About Peter Green

I am a doctoral student at Wheaton College. My dissertation is on vineyard imagery in the Old Testament, particularly as it is used to convey the theme of Creation to New Creation. My interests are (in no particular order): biblical ethics, epistemology, apologetics, sacramentology, science and faith, biblical theology, OT theology, biblical political philosophy, and intertextuality. I consider myself to be in the historic Reformed tradition, and attend a PCA church. I graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary--the PCA's denominational seminary--and hope work for Reformed University Fellowship, which is the PCA's campus ministry, following my PhD studies.
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One Response to Wheaton Students at ETS

  1. Jonathan King says:

    I was very interested to attend your presentation “Biblical Judgments and Theological Concepts: Toward a Defense of Imputed Righteousness,” but unfortunately my own presentation was scheduled for the same time as yours. If you wouldn’t mind, could you please forward me a copy of your presentation so at least I can read over what you presented? Thanks kindly — JK

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