Lecture Announcement: “Justification by Works in Reformed Theology” by Tony Lane

[Update: a summary of the lecture can be found here, written by Robbie Crouse]

The graduate Biblical and Theological Studies department at Wheaton is hosting a lecture by Dr. Tony Lane. Dr. Lane teaches at the London School of Theology and you can find his faculty page here. The lecture information is below and can also be found here.

A reliable source (i.e., a friend of mine) has promised that this is going to be a really great lecture. The topic is certainly a hot one, both in Reformed circles and in evangelicalism as well. Various Reformed denominations have been rocked by controversy over justification by works, partly due to the influence of N.T. Wright, though there have been some in-house figures who have attracted attention as well (e.g., Norman Shepherd at Westminster Theological Seminary, for those interested). The Evangelical Theological Society made the theme of is annual conference in 2010 the doctrine of justification with Tom Schriener, Frank Thielman, N.T. Wright giving the plenary addresses. Dr. Lane’s lecture should provide an interesting perspective and hopefully move the conversation forward.

Justification by Works in Reformation Theology

Dr. Tony Lane, London School of Theology

Thursday, November 8
7:00 p.m.
Blanchard 339

Lecture is sponsored by the Graduate Biblical and Theological Studies.

For more information: 630-752-5197.


About Peter Green

I am a doctoral student at Wheaton College. My dissertation is on vineyard imagery in the Old Testament, particularly as it is used to convey the theme of Creation to New Creation. My interests are (in no particular order): biblical ethics, epistemology, apologetics, sacramentology, science and faith, biblical theology, OT theology, biblical political philosophy, and intertextuality. I consider myself to be in the historic Reformed tradition, and attend a PCA church. I graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary--the PCA's denominational seminary--and hope work for Reformed University Fellowship, which is the PCA's campus ministry, following my PhD studies.
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