Global Theological Education Calendar

Wouldn’t it be great to have a place to discuss theological education practice around the world? How will the church both train leaders for the near future and foster rigorous theological thinking for generations to come? And how is this working in contexts without a history of formal theological reflection? Fortunately, these questions are asked regularly here at Wheaton.

Now in its 4th year, the Global Theological Education Discussion Group is a student group that promotes fellowship among Wheaton students and faculty interested in theological education. Several Wheaton PhD grads are involved cross-culturally in theological education (see our alumni placements page), and a concern for training leaders worldwide continues to be a prime goal.

Our first discussion is this Friday, September 14. Prof. Scott Moreau will address the lack of attention to spiritual warfare in Protestant theological education. Following his presentation, we will discuss if and how to integrate spiritual warfare into a theological curriculum.

Here is the schedule for 2012–2013. We meet in the Parmelee Room in the Beamer Center at Wheaton College for lunch and discussion, 11:30–1:00.

September 14

Spiritual Warfare and Theological Education

Prof. Scott Moreau (Wheaton)

October 5

Contextualizing Curriculum Development

Prof. Jim Pleuddemann (TEDS)

(Special Location) BGC534 (12:30-2PM)

November 9

Theological Libraries in the Digital Age

Bill Arvan (READ Ministries)

January 18, 2013

Coordinating Theological Education Worldwide

Prof. Jeff Greenman (Wheaton)

February 15

Partnering Institutions for Theological Education

Mr. Kurt Tillman & Prof. Dave Sveen (Wheaton)

March 22

Teaching Internationally Short-Term

Profs. Gene Green, Daniel Block, Jeff Greenman

April 12

Politics and Theological Education

(with the Wheaton Theology Conference)

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