Distance PhD? A University of Bristol student offers some thoughts

Aaron White over at Mosissimus Mose, a new blog for Trinity College distance PhD students, has written a helpful piece on the advantages and disadvantages of getting a distance PhD from a school in the UK. I wasn’t aware that this was an option until Aaron told me he was looking into it, so when he decided to go that route I encouraged him to write out some of his thoughts. I encourage anyone who is in the difficult process of deciding where to apply to check this post out. It will hopefully provide another option that might work best for your unique situation. Also, I’m looking forward to future posts from the students at Mosisssmus Mose.


About Peter Green

I am a doctoral student at Wheaton College. My dissertation is on vineyard imagery in the Old Testament, particularly as it is used to convey the theme of Creation to New Creation. My interests are (in no particular order): biblical ethics, epistemology, apologetics, sacramentology, science and faith, biblical theology, OT theology, biblical political philosophy, and intertextuality. I consider myself to be in the historic Reformed tradition, and attend a PCA church. I graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary--the PCA's denominational seminary--and hope work for Reformed University Fellowship, which is the PCA's campus ministry, following my PhD studies.
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