Craig Mattson – “Words out of the Whirlwind: The Book of Job Orally Interpreted”

Craig Mattson, chair of the Communication Arts Department at Trinity Christian College, gave an “oral interpretation” of Job that performed Job’s story through the inclusion of different voices, tones, and emotions. He occasionally read directly from the KJV Bible but the rest was from memory. It was a powerful experience to hear Scripture read and performed for nearly an hour and it truly was a genuine interpretation based on the way he assumed a particular tone of voice at various stages in the story. Overall, Mattson did well and his dramatic performance brought out the emotional aspect of the text that can easily be lost while reading. Since then I’ve been even more aware of the way I read the biblical texts. How often do I assume a particular tone of voice or demeanor when reading? Sometimes it’s more obvious, but this is not always the case. We may never be able to know for sure but it has become something I’m more aware of when reading, thanks to Mattson’s oral interpretation.


About Jordan P. Barrett

PhD, Systematic Theology, Wheaton College
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