Welcome to our blog!

Who are we?
This blog is written by current doctoral students at Wheaton College or alumni of the doctoral program. We are studying Old Testament, New Testament, Historical Theology, or Systematic Theology. We accept the Wheaton College statement of faith though we come from a variety of evangelical backgrounds. You can click on individual profiles to read more about each contributor.

What will this blog offer?
Our goal is to serve Christ’s Church by making current scholarship on the Bible and theology accessible to interested lay people, pastors, and scholars. To that end, we will provide book reviews, current research, summaries of lectures and conferences, interviews, general opinion and reflection pieces, etc. We hope this will provide readers with helpful resources and give interested applicants a window into the PhD program at Wheaton College.

This blog does not officially represent or speak for Wheaton College or Wheaton College Graduate School. The opinions expressed on this blog are solely those of the author of each post.

First series of posts
We will post summaries of some of the lectures from this week’s conference at Wheaton College: Words of Delight: The King James Bible & the Bible as Literature. These summaries should be available as early as Thursday evening (9/22) and continue to be posted throughout the weekend.


About Jordan P. Barrett

PhD, Systematic Theology, Wheaton College
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One Response to Welcome

  1. Plessey says:

    Thank you for this. I would request that if you find an audio link to the lecture or have recorded the lecture and would like to share it then posting the link as a part of the review would be helpful.

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